Large Black Pot 3 Pack

    Large Black Pot 3 Pack


    Size : 74cmL x 44cmW x 29cmH

      Product description

      Have you decided to start eating healthy?

      These days more people have become environmentally conscious. Social media and easy access to news on the Internet have brought about more consideration for the welfare of the Earth as well as for the animals that inhabit it. Many are aware of the harmful effect plastic materials have on both marine life and land-based animals. This is why our pots are the best choice for those who want to start growing their own produce while being earth-friendly at the same time.

      There are so many benefits for both the environment and your health. A host of benefits derived from consuming various vegetables and herbs. Take for example, Spinach, which is rich in Vitamins A, C and K, magnesium, iron and manganese. It takes just 4-6 weeks to grow Spinach in your Green Smart Pot.

      It’s time to grow your own produce with Green Smart Pots, the Smarter Alternative!

      You save valuable resources because our pots are self-watering. No wasting water and no possibility of overwatering your plants. They'll get just the right amount of water without wasting a drop.

      Our planters help you save money for other things. Because you're growing your own produce, this means you'll have more money to spend on the things you want or the things you need.

      Make use your space smartly with our compact plant pots. The world is getting smaller and space is becoming more valuable. Make the best use of your space by growing your own high-quality produce.

        • SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - The pots are made of food-grade material so that there is no leaching to the produce.
        • ✅ GROW YOUR PLANTS WITH EASE - Because it's self-watering, the veggie and herb planter make gardening easy as pie. It uses less water, helping you save natural resources at the same time.
        • ✅ GREEN THUMB NOT REQUIRED - This planter box makes it possible to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs on your own without having to spend a lot of time and money maintaining your garden.
        • ✅ SPACE IS NOT AN ISSUE - Wherever you decide to grow your herbs & vegetables from small spaces, like the balcony of your flat, to large open spaces in your garden, our smart pot will fit!
        • ✅ HEALTHY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Grow your own produce and do away with harmful chemicals found in store-bought vegetables. Our self-watering plant pot promotes a truly organic lifestyle!
        • ✅GROW MULTIPLE VEGGIES IN ONE POT - 75cm long, 45cm wide & 30cm deep but the water control takes up roughly 9cm leaving 21cm of depth for planting perfect for Herbs and Vegetables & wide enough to get two rows in.

      Growing your own herbs and vegetables in Green Smart Pots gives you the following benefits:

      ✅ Cleaner food means a healthier life
      ✅ Less pesticides in your food means less chemicals in your body
      ✅ Stylish and decorative
      ✅ Comes in either cream or green colors, perfectly sized for any small space
      Start your own organic produce garden today. Add a Green Smart Pot or two to your basket NOW!

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